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The first delivery of a Sierra Industries’ Super II took place this past weekend with a flawless flight from Texas to California. The inaugural trip, a non-stop flight from San Antonio to Northern California, occured on Sunday and the delighted owners called to report an excellent flying experience. After climbing straight to FL430 in just 27 minutes at maximum takeoff weight, the flight arrived in California with 1.5 hours of fuel still remaining, despite a 50 knot headwind.

General Manager Steve Guzek of San Antonio-based FlighTime Business Jets stated that the Sierra Super II is an excellent addition to their fleet of managed and Charter aircraft. "The decreased fuel burn and substantial speed increase improves our fleet capabilities, providing more mission options for our clients," remarked Mr. Guzek. "The new Williams engine technology increases reliability and safety and the added performance gives our clients easy access to thousands of airports all over North America."

The Sierra Super II modification dramatically upgrades the Citation II’s performance by re-powering the aircraft with Williams International’s FADEC-controlled 2820 lb. thrust FJ44-3A engines. Williams’ high-performance FJ44-series turbofan engines are currently utilized on more than 20 different business jet designs. Sierra Industries is the ONLY non-OEM company to receive FAA certification to install Williams engines on a certificated aircraft, with a current offering of 6 different models of FJ44-powered aircraft. As of this writing, the company has numerous FJ44-powered aircraft in current production at its facilities in Uvalde, Texas, with an order book stretching well into 2009.

The Super II provides a substantial across-the-board performance enhancement for the Citation II – boosting fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by as much as 27%, cutting time-to-climb to under 25 minutes to FL430, extending range to nearly 1800 NM, and increasing maximum fuel payload. Dramatic reductions in takeoff field length (more than 20% reduction at 5000 ft., ISA +20º), coupled with increased climb rates make the Super II a superb all-around performer for virtually any field conditions or altitude. Dual Channel FADEC controls provide smooth, vibration-free flight for passengers and a reduced workload for the pilot.


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